Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Copy & Design Action in Navigation Pane Relief v2.0

I use form and report templates when putting together Access applications. This new feature of Navigation Pane Relief v2.0 takes 4 steps out of the process of turning a template into an application object.

For me, a template is simply a form or report that I copy and use as a starting point when designing a new form or report.

I used to right click on the template, select copy, specify a new name, then find the copy in the Navigation Pane, then right click on it and select "Design", then make my changes to it. With the new "Copy & Design" feature in Navigation Pane Relief, I double click "Copy & Design", I specify a new name, and then the copy is automatically opened in design mode. A great time-saver (2 steps instead of 6) if you work from templates.

More information about the new version of Navigation Pane Relief can be found at the Navigation Pane Relief Homepage.

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